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Canary Diamonds specializes in fine natural fancy color diamonds. All of our natural fancy color diamonds above .50ct are accompanied by a GIA Report, ensuring our clients that all of our diamonds are natural. With certified gemologists on staff, we offer unmatched proficiency whether you are buying or selling.

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Canary Diamonds

Canary Diamonds has a large inventory of loose and mounted Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds at wholesale prices. Canary Diamonds is a term associated with yellow diamonds. Canary is a layman's term meaning yellow and is derived from the yellow color of the "Canary Bird". It is not a term used by gem dealers, gemologists and labs because it cannot accurately describe and differentiate between various degrees of yellow saturation in a diamond.

Where can I buy?

Yellow diamonds can be bought from jewelry stores, friends, wholesale diamond dealers, online, flea markets and many more places. Wherever you decide to purchase your diamond, ensure that you buy from someone with integrity and a good reputation. You should buy only natural colored diamonds that has a Diamond Grading Report from an independent laboratory - we strongly recommend the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Where can I sell?

You can sell your diamond to a friend or family member, or often to receive immediate cash, you may choose to sell your diamond to a professional Diamond Dealer or Jewelry Store. Whomever you choose, ensure that you feel comfortable with the transaction and preferably receive payment immediately. Please contact us for a free, no obligation offer. Our offers are generally considerably higher than our competitors and payment is immediate via Cashiers Check or Bank Wire.

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